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Ambition Against Death

Ambition Against Death - 21st-century technological advancements have people vying to build projects, but health projects are the most important life support today. That, no exception, is the company vying to build health facilities, with ambitions against death. 

Throughout the history of religion, be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, or Islam no one interprets that life is eternal. Where every religion believes that there is a mass in which life returns to the creator (death), but unfortunately not a few Silicon Valley companies believe that man can live eternally (Eternally). 

Therefore, some scientists think it can defeat human destiny that has been underlined like death. However, not a few scientists in the fields of design, technology, and health strongly condemn that thinking, with some considering that there is no remain in the world we live in. Immortality exists only in myths (fairy tales) where only teach or just to deliver children to sleep anyway. 

Of course, in this project, not many people can, or they reject the idea. But in recent decades there have been scientists whose phenomenal and blatant thinking appears in public spaces, names like Ray Kurzweil are the only ones that can be traced. Ray Kurzweil is a U.S. National Medal of Technology nobel laureate. 

In 2012, Ray Kurzweil trusted Google to lead research and control all research. A company called Calico led by Ray Kurzweil is an ambition that doesn't know when to cope with death, but so far no scientist can fight death even if it's only a month or a year for humans. Some methods, usually used by scientists such as moving organs such as the heart and others are just renovations, not purely against death. 

Bill Maris has full power in managing all the finances required by Calico, where Google Venture is a vehicle for investors to be part of the death battle project. At least Calico has received a $2 billion injection of funding in this project but has not gotten a good advantage in fighting deaths. 

Some celebrities and Silicon Valley-class owners such as PayPal founder Peter Thiel chose to try to fight death by saying he wanted to live forever.  I think there are three main approaches to dying, you can accept or deny, or fight it. I think the dominant thing in our society is people who deny or accept, and I choose to fight it.' 

At the very least, some experts argue that humans will cope with death perfectly in the next 2200 years. But Ray Kurzweil and De Grey even gave the opinion that humans will be able to fight death in 2050, where one of the conditions is to have healthy health and finances, to get it will certainly take a long time. 

However, when referring to Ray Kurzweil and De Grey's statements, ambition is reserved only for people with financial health. Whereas when referring to wealth and financial health like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, his wealth can support at least a dozen countries in one year in unison. Of course, ambition against death is merely ambition, not happening or proven in this project.