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Rio Haryanto gait waiting at the prestigious

Date February 18, 2016 became a historical record for the Indonesian automotive world. After the tug of the funds to be paid by Rio Haryanto to the Party Manor finally at a press conference on that date Manor F1 team through its owner Stephen Fitzpatrick announced that Rio Haryanto Being their driver in F1 2016's.

This decision was made the Manor after the Rio handed over three million euros plus a 5 million euro from Pertamina. Rio's own party is obliged to pay 15 million euros for the season paid gradually. This is done because the status of Rio Haryanto as a pay-driver in Manor Marussia. Currently,
 the Rio is still a shortage of funds as much as 7 million euros.

Under the banner Manor Marussia F1, Rio is expected to be the name of nation to provide the best in F1 2016. Obviously this becomes an opportunity and a chance for Rio Haryanto.

Marussia Manor is not a team that is as famous as Ferrari, Mercedes or Redbull. The new Manor team official follow F1 in 2010 after the proposal is approved. But keep in mind this team had delivered a great driver like Kimi Raikonnen, Antonio Pizzoni and Lewis Hamilton in Formula Renault. Even the name of the last holder of the F1 world championship title in 2015.

In 2015, Marussia Manor team under the leadership of John Booth and Graeme Lowdon lowering the three riders that Alexander Rossi, Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi. In 2015, Manor team failed to score any points.

F1 2016 team Manor apart Rio Haryanto reinforced also by Pascal Wehrlein German driver.

By using a Mercedes engine, the team Manor is expected to compete with other teams. Joining Nicolas Tombazis, Ferrari's former Head of Design, will provide benefits to the Manor in developing systems Aerodimanika MRT05 flagship car.

2016 season, the first season for Rio Haryanto who previously struggling in the GP2 race. Although different caste. achievement Rio Haryanto in GP2 in 2015 which ranks fourth in the final standings could be the 2016 F1 competed capital.

Rio Haryanto hopes his debut in F1 not only be pengembira only aliases passing. Tim Manor hopes to become a midfield team as submitted Rio at a press conference. Broadly speaking,
 the Rio also will look at the potential of the car used to determine the target this season. "Hopefully, I can be a good and competitive car" so said Rio.

Children's worth our wait gait race in F1 2016's. Given Rio as the first Indonesian rider who competed in the prestigious F1.